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Lonnie A. Cross Land Leveling, Inc. is a family owned and operated earth moving company. Lonnie started in this industry in 1969 as an employee for a similar company. In 1978 he started his own company. As an owner operator for the Operating Engineers, he followed the construction trade for several years. In 1986, he decided to focus on farming related businesses, and mix in the occasional construction job at his discretion. In 1988 his son Kreg joined him in the business. In 1995, his son-in-law Nathan joined. With Kreg and Nathan, the core of his company began to grow. Today, with the tempered wisdom of Lonnie, the "can do" attitude of Kreg and Nathan, and our competent employees, we feel our company has the right formula to take on any project, large or small, while keeping that personal family relationship as well as its dedication to quality and precision.

Here are a few of our satisfied customers and projects that we have recently completed:

- Adobe Station Ranch (Pete Kaiser 661.333.8283) Timely Laser Leveling and GPS Surveying.
-San Joaquin Composting (Gary Bergaman 661.797.2914) Coordinated Plant Expansion/Remodel, Paving, Soil Compaction Certified Projects
- Noth Kern Water Storage District (Dana Munn 661.393.3361) Various Storage Projects/Remodels
- Arvin Edison Water Storage District (Dee Jaspar and Associates, Dee Jaspar - Engineer 661.393.4796) 400,000+ Cubic Yard Remodel Water Project, Urgent/time sensitive water project.
- Aurora School (Tom Fallgatter 661.747.4170) Prevailing Wage School Expansion Project
- US Irrigation (John Tkac 661.588.9044) Sub-contracting for various reservoir construction projects
- Kootstra Dairy (Perrin Kootstra 661.831.7987) 2000 Acre Whole Ranch Leveling
- Community Recycling (Dave Baldwin 661.845.4056) 6+ month long term contract. Including reservoir and sump construction, plant expansion, and laser leveling consultation.

Please feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about our company or any projects that we might be able to assist you.

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